Today in Literary History – January 23, 1883 – illustrator Gustave Doré dies

GustaveDore_She_was_astonished_to_see_how_her_grandmother_lookedGustave Doré, the illustrator whose engravings provided the defining illustrations for many works of literature from The Bible to the Mother Goose tales, died in Paris on January 23, 1883, at the age of fifty-one. Doré never married and lived with his mother his entire life.

QuixoteandPanzaDoré was much sought after by book publishers in France, England and the United States. His wood engravings for illustrated volumes of Milton’s Paradise Lost, Dante’s Inferno and Cervantes’s Don Quixote and many others have formed how readers picture the characters and scenes in these classics to this day.


He also illustrated the poems and stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Perault’s Mother Goose stories and fables by La Fontaine and Aesop.

125343-004-E0E57F29-lanczos3One of his greatest accomplishments were his dramatic illustrations for an edition of The Bible in 1866. Doré’s originals were also exhibited in galleries and were hugely popular. He co-founded The Doré Gallery in London in 1867 to display his work.

13In addition to his engravings Doré also worked in watercolour, oil painting, etching and sculpture. Later in life his landscape paintings found widespread acclaim.



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